Our School Vision


Curriculum and Program

Waldorf education cultivates critical thinking skills. Students develop a strong ability to freely articulate thoughts and feelings. Creativity, a necessary component for independent problem solving, is highly valued and encouraged. Through a project based, multi-disciplinary curriculum, students experience the arts, mathematics and sciences providing a holistic and rigorous education. We encourage students to share these skills with the community at large through volunteerism, foreign exchange and collaboration.


Our education recognizes that the story of human experience includes all voices as part of our common humanity. Our school celebrates diversity, inclusion and all religious and spiritual paths. We cultivate a respect for all perspectives of humanity, leading to compassion, humility and service.


Student and Community Life

The Eugene Waldorf High School is a vibrant center for community life, belonging to all of us as an open and shared space.    


Our students meet new challenges with intention and curiosity. They apply themselves to the work before them and are engaged in the academic and social life of the school.


Students learn interpersonal skills that foster meaningful relationships with classmates, family members and the wider community. By embracing differences, empathy develops preparing students to thrive in a changing world. When students encounter personal challenges, they are actively supported in a way that celebrates individual expression.


Our students are prepared to meet the world with confidence and the tools to create positive change.  Students embrace their future energized to continue learning and growing.


Faculty and Staff

Our core faculty members are Waldorf trained high school teachers with a commitment to life-long service.  We also have a full complement of adjunct faculty drawn from our local and global communities. All faculty are subject matter experts, well versed in Waldorf high school curriculum and committed to the art and profession of teaching.  Our teachers evoke an attitude of curiosity and possibility. Their energy is contagious and inspires students to learn.  


This provides our students with consistent, excellent teachers with whom they develop deep connections. The curriculum is regularly evaluated and refined to meet the needs of the current student body and the changing world.


We are deeply committed to the developmental approach and constant striving at the heart of Waldorf education. Their commitment and competence is reflected in the school’s healthy fundraising, outreach efforts, board work, parent and volunteer engagement.


The school supports our faculty’s interest and need for continuing education in their fields and their continued engagement in the broader Waldorf movement.


All of these are overlapping, each one person taking on service for the high school is responsible to uphold the integrity of all pillars


Development and Finance

We maintain financial abundance in order to provide a Waldorf education to as many students as possible. We determine tuition levels thoughtfully in order to balance financial accessibility and provide a strong level of support for the school’s operations and growth. We maintain ample financial resources to cover any operating expenses during our “start-up” years and beyond.  


Along with tuition revenue, we actively grow our fundraising and development plan. Our ongoing fundraising is focused on a needs-based scholarship program.


We build the site and our programs sustainably as our student body grows. We undertake specific campaigns to raise funds for site acquisition and development as appropriate.


We provide salaries to our faculty and staff at a level that allows them to meaningfully sustain their lives and focus their energy on their teaching and support of the school.


We maintain financial transparency so that all members of our community can understand how resources are obtained and used.



The campus is a peaceful sanctuary within our community. Our primary goal is to provide a beautiful and fully functional space for our students to learn. The nurturing and development of our site is incorporated into our curriculum. All programmatic needs are met through our site or connections with other organizations in our town and region.


Any construction is built with environmentally sustainable methods. We hold a deep commitment to stewardship and care of the natural world. The work we do together on the site is an act of social creation.