About Us

Eugene Waldorf High School Initiative

The Eugene Waldorf High School (EWHS) will provide a rigorous academic curriculum that will foster critical thought, imagination, and service to humanity.


Multiculturalism and diversity form cornerstones to our school mission. Students will explore literature and arts from traditions around the world. Our perspective at EWHS is both local and international: not only will our students participate in and contribute to our local Eugene community through service projects and internships, but our multicultural curriculum and opportunities for study abroad will grant students a growing understanding of the world outside the U.S.


Music, art, theater, and movement will share space on the cur­riculum along with science, math, and foreign languages. Elective options will include silver and blacksmithing, weaving and textile production, book making, and ceramics. All faculty will be experts in their fields.


Wilderness immersion will be a core piece of The EWHS. Situated in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in the Willamette Valley, the region is defined by pristine rivers, wetlands, and forests. Lesson-based camping and adventure trips are woven into the curriculum. Students will regularly connect to the outdoors using these experiences as platforms for learning.


The Willamette Valley is a hotbed for biodynamic and organic agriculture. Sustainability and environmental awareness are foundational to community consciousness in the region. Student-run gardens and trips to neighboring organic and biodynamic farms will provide students the chance to observe first hand and engage in botany and science.


Entrepreneurial innovation flourishes in Eugene. Community service projects in local nonprofits, progressive businesses, and environmental and social justice organizations will teach students avenues for social and political empowerment. Students will have myriad possibilities for internships during their senior year to explore career interests.


Our mission: Our school is dedicated to inspiring high school students to achieve their highest potential by providing a balanced and rigorous education.


Our vision: Our pedagogy addresses and supports the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs of young people. The high school curriculum emphasizes the development of creative thinking, artistic expression and meaningful activity. Our community values equally the developing individuality of each student and the impulse to serve humankind in freedom out of our highest ideals.


Meeting since summer 2012, we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit. The board holds open meetings monthly and is currently working toward the pioneer freshman class to begin lessons September 2020 or 2021. There are work groups for teacher search, site acquisition, fundraising and enrollment. If you are interested in getting involved, email info@EugeneWaldorfHighSchool.org or visit us on our facebook page Eugene Waldorf High School and join our mailing list today!


Although a separate organization than the local k-8 Eugene Waldorf School, we work closely with them and we both see the mutual benefits of expanding Waldorf education to the high school years in Eugene.